Isaac Loyola | Owner and Creative Director


Isaac Loyola | Owner and Creative Director
Kia ora!
My name is Isaac Loyola (He/Him), I'm a queer, transgender person of colour, and I run this business. So when you buy from LOYOLA®, you're purchasing from a legit small person, I mean business, LOL.
I was born in the Philippines; growing up, I have experienced institutional oppression as a queer, transgender person in a conservative country. I migrated to New Zealand in 2011, and here, I found my liberty. I call South Auckland my new home. I work as an Analyst in an IT company during day time (to pay bills, mortgage and whatnot) and handle LOYOLA® after work hours, so don't be surprised if you receive an order update at an odd time of the day! Sounds cheesy, but as a self-taught graphic designer, LOYOLA® is kind of my queer dream come true!
Living in New Zealand gives me a privilege, not all queer and transgender people get. I can not stay comfortable when I know there are people out there not far from our reach who do not know what we know and do not have the same rights. As long as there are people in our community who are broken and suffering for merely being who they are, I will continue my mahi to raise awareness and empower people through our small queer business. For every problem, there's a person and that person matters. As I breathe, I know I have to stay bothered.
I am a lover of timeless aesthetics and minimalism, and I saw a gap in the market for LGBTQ+/pride merch that speaks to the minimalist's taste. I have always wanted my brand, so pairing my love of timeless aesthetics and design with my LGBTQ+ advocacy makes my heart sing.
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