eBook FAQ

Downloading Your eBook

  • How do I download my copy? After purchasing your eBook, you'll receive two emails. The first confirms your purchase, and the second provides download instructions.

Choosing an eReader

  • Which eReader should I use? Most eReaders work! Popular options include Apple Books (iPhone), Google Play Books (Android), and any app that supports ePub format.

Privacy and Confidentiality

  • I'm transgender and stealth. Are my details kept private? Absolutely. Only the author has access to website data, and all information is secured and confidential.

eBook Usage

  • Can I copy, paste, or print the eBook? We kindly ask you to respect the author's work by not reproducing the book. The author poured their heart into sharing their story to empower others, and offers the eBook at an affordable price for accessibility.

  • Can I share, loan, or transfer my eBook? The eBook is licensed for one user only and cannot be transferred between devices. To share the book, encourage the person to purchase their own copy or use their email address during checkout to receive it directly and support the author.

Book Availability

  • Is there a printed copy available? Not yet, but with successful eBook sales, we hope to offer a printed version in the future.


  • Why is the eBook inexpensive? The author strives to make the book accessible to everyone, especially in various countries.

  • Why isn't it free? The author's personal story holds immense value in empowering others. Free items are often undervalued. This eBook offers significant value for its price.


  • Is there a refund policy? Unfortunately, there are no refunds for this eBook.

Supporting the Author

  • I loved the book! How can I show my support? We appreciate your kind review! Send it to contact@loyola.co.nz or our social media. We may share your review (with your initials only, unless you approve otherwise) on our website and social media.

  • Can I do more? Absolutely! Repurchase the book and add a tip at checkout.

Contact Us

For questions, comments, or suggestions, feel free to email us at contact@loyola.co.nz.